About Us

“Every Modern Yogi’s First Choice”

Getting to Know the Soul of YogaVear

You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression. So, if you vibe with Yoga, then do it properly with YogaVear. Committed to making comfortable and stylish “yoga wear”, our brand is here to celebrate and complement the lifestyle of the chic, modern Yogi.

Originating from India, the birthplace of Yoga, YogaVear is designed to fit the unique needs of a yoga student. YogaVear is not another brand of athletic wear. It is a specialized clothing line designed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and stretchiness that the body needs to practice yogic asanas.


Why YogaVear Exists?

Asking why you need YogaVear when you have workout gear is akin to asking why you need yoga when you can lift weights and run on a treadmill. It’s the purpose that matters.

The perfect yoga clothing is soft on your skin, comfortable to wear, airy to cool you off and does not interrupt your concentration. Finally, it’s affordable. After all, the regular wear and tear of the clothing would require you to switch every one or two years.

Before YogaVear came into being, yoga practitioners like our founder, had one option – use the most stretchable clothes available. But stretchiness is only one of the many vital factors. The right yoga wear is more than just stretchy outfits.
For millions of yoga enthusiasts like him, this translated to making a tough choice between stretchiness and breathability. And neither of them was affordable. He rejected them and started YogaVear!
YogaVear combines flexibility, breathability, comfort, and affordability into high-performance yoga wear that help you extract maximum benefit from your yoga sessions.

Our Vision
To offer high-quality, affordable, and yoga-focused athletic clothing to all yoga practitioners worldwide.

Our Mission
Becoming a brand of choice that allows people to experience the true joy of practicing yoga

Core Values

The love for yoga is intertwined into the company’s DNA, and it shows in our specialty clothing line, designed and tailored with care.


We offer you an innovative range of products that are comfortable to wear and uber-stylish to look at.

Iron-Clad Integrity

We believe in the product we put out and stand behind it. We love every product we place on our virtual shelves, that’s why it’s in our store.

Bold & Fun

We don’t shy away from being bold in our designs or having fun with our products. Our customer reviews say it all.


Quality is sacrosanct for us. We want to build a relationship with our customers and quality is the foundation on which we build it.


 Our Commitment to You

You will not find a better brand to do yoga in. That’s a promise!

At YogaVear, our constant endeavor is to develop extraordinary products that dramatically improve your yoga experience and add style to your asanas.

Our confidence stems from the remarkable quality of our products and our unsurpassed service delivery. They enable us to create outstanding value for you.

We are committed to offering you an incredible piece of apparel that styles you, comforts you, and let’s you dive deep into the spiritual experience of yoga.

We know that once you get into YogaVear, the yogi in you won’t allow you to do yoga in anything else.

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